How to Take a Franchise?

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To the Next Level With Social Media 2022?

Did you know that there are approximately one million franchise operations in the US that employ over nine million people? Well, if you did not know that fact, you should also learn that it is one of the major and most vital parts of the economy of the United States and it has over 800 billion dollars in revenue each year.

Add these incredible numbers to the increasing popularity and use of technology and digital marketing, and you can see that franchise social media marketing is a tool that you simply cannot overlook – especially since people use their smartphones for accessing these platforms wherever they are.

If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your social media strategy for your franchise, this article might be helpful since it will feature the tips for doing so. However, before taking a look at the tips, let’s first look at some basic information on franchises:

A Franchise: Explained

If you are not familiar with franchising, you should know that it is basically a company that borrows its name, logo, as well as support to other people who choose to buy into the franchise and open their own business at a specific location or branch. So, in order for you to understand it better, let’s take KFC as an example.

For instance, KFC is a franchise corporation, and each of the KFC restaurant locations is owned by different people who chose to buy this specific franchise license. In return, the new owners are helped by KFC to find locations for their businesses, order the necessary equipment, and advertise their new company.

There are two important expressions that you might want to remember – franchiser and franchisee. A franchiser is the original owner of the corporation, and in the example above, KFC is the franchiser. Naturally, they do have control over specific aspects of the branch such as branding. A franchisee is the new owner of the branch corporation.

Tips For Improving You Franchise Social Media Efforts

Naturally, you have probably set up a few accounts across several social media platforms, however, with all the other companies marketing the same or similar thing, you might find it difficult to stand out from the crowd. Hence, you should consider implementing several or all tips mentioned below, including:

  1. You Should Engage With Your Customers During Your Social Advertising Campaigns

Making and posting great content on these platforms will only take your company so far. So, besides posting appealing things, you should also encourage your existing and potential customers to engage with the things you post online. You can do this by posting questions, polls, and quizzes, as well as include call-to-action campaigns that will prompt your customers to engage with your content.

  1. Learn And Understand Instagram’s Algorithms

Instagram has a specific algorithm that works on determining which posts need to show up first in users’ homepages, as well as when it shows up. Hence, if you are looking for ways for your content to have an impact on people, you will need to learn how this algorithm works. If you want to see what a franchise social media manager platform give you,

  1. Do Not Forget to Use The Tools The Platforms Provide

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram offer new features and tools almost every month. So, you should choose to use those features such as AI effect, Instagram and Facebook Stories, as well as the option for creating polls and quizzes. This will not only be fun for your customers but, it will show that your business is up-to-date with the latest trends.

  1. Advertise Your Products or Service to the Generation Z Efficiently

If your targeted audience is members of Generation Z, you must use social media platforms wisely, efficiently, and effectively. This means that you should dive deep into the data you have collected from these platforms, especially since it will allow you to learn what habits they have, as well as what do they prefer.

  1. You Can Hire an Influencer

If your goal is to reach people beyond your own networks, you should think about working with an influencer for your specific industry. Of course, there are influencers that cost hundreds, if not thousand dollars to work with, however, there are ones who have a smaller following, hence, a lower price.

  1. Video Content Will Be Everything During 2022

Video content is becoming increasingly popular on all social media websites, especially since they can show specific information about the product and/or service, as well as how does it work. Hence, you should think about adding videos to your marketing campaign and effort.

  1. The Data You Gather Needs to Be Carefully Monitored And Used

Content advertising can be done across all platforms – including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Tumblr – however, you should know that the metrics and data you gather is crucial for your business and advertising efforts. This means that you should carefully monitor the data, which can, in return, allow you to improve and adjust your strategy according to the needs of your clients.

  1. Determine How You Will Deal With Fake Reviews

Naturally, the best thing about these platforms is that it allows customers and people to share the opinion, experiences, as well as thoughts on a specific business. But, you might get some fake reviews or misleading ones – and you will need to determine how you will deal with it. Whether you choose to respond to the reviews, make sure that you keep being professional during the whole exchange. Additionally, you can ask for clarifications or evidence that can shed some light on the “bad” review.


As you can see, there are various tips and tricks that can bring your franchising corporation to the next level across several social media platforms. Hence, now that you know what you should implement, do not waste any more time. Instead, start implementing the aforementioned tips and you’ll see some major improvements in a matter of days.