Singer “Phuong Loan” Returned to Vietnam

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Phuong Loan stated that she felt isolated after returning home from a flight. The Vietnamese female singer will stay for approximately 4 weeks to take care of outstanding work and to visit the home of Chi Tai.

A friend also posted a photo of Phuong loan at Tan Son Nhat (HCMC) and shared the following line: “Going up to pick her, waiting for happiness.” The photo shows Phuong Loan in a young outfit, taking pictures with her friends.

Many people were shocked to learn that Chi Tai’s wife, the artist, secretly went back to Vietnam on social networking sites. It is the first time that she has returned home since her husband’s death. One account wrote: “Welcome back Be Heo, the intimate name of Phuong Loan), to the country. We wish you health and unforgettable memories. She must have returned to his uncle’s house to fulfill his wishes. Another viewer expressed his wish for her health.

Phuong Loan, a singer, slowly regained her spirit after Chi Tai’s death. She returned to many artist reimagines pursuits more than a year later. She continues to go to church and visit the grave every weekend to console her husband. Da Co Hoai Lang, her actress wife, said that before she shared about her current life: “Although Be Heo lost M. Tai, I was loved and everyone called me every day. I am happy. When everyone loves me.”

“I must be beautiful and live happily so Chi Tai can feel at ease.” Phuong Loan, affectionately known as Be Heo by fans, has returned to her home in February to release an album that includes songs written by her husband before he died. She made many charity trips in order to give money to the homes of poor people, as per her husband’s wishes.

Chi Tai suffered a stroke in December 2020. Phuong Loan couldn’t fly home in December 2020 to attend her husband’s funeral because of the epidemic. Hoai Linh, Viet Huong and Viet Huong were close friends of the artistic followers. They took care of the afterlife for the family and then transported Chi Tai’s remains to America.

They were married in 1987. The artistic people and his wife were married for 33 years. They did not have any children. The singer often lives far from his wife, while her husband is in the US. When he returns, he and she live apart. Chi Tai used to compare them to Chic Nu and Nguu Lang. Songwriter Phuong Loan choked while singing ‘Little Oh’ in memory of Chi Tai, the late artist

The premiere of the CD “His Smile Forever” was held in Ho Chi Minh City on March 6. Many artist exhibits works were present at the event, including Viet Huong, Hoai Phuong and Dai Nghia.

In memory of her husband, Phuong loan performed Nho Oi as the opening song. This song is believed to be a Quang Nhat composition. It has been performed successfully by Chi Tai, and it is also associated with his name. Despite her best efforts to control her emotions, Phuong Loan couldn’t help but to choke during the performance. She told the audience, “After more than one year since Mr. Tai’s departure I want to return to Vietnam in order to complete all his unfinished business.” It’s a blessing to have been supported in my return home.

According to the senior, MC Dai Nghia stated that “In the past Mr. Chi Tai used sing this song. It seems that Mr. Chi Tai, out of all the singers who have performed this song, is the one that has the greatest success. He composed this song. It was not, he said when I asked. When Phuong Loan sings today, it evokes many emotions.

Phuong Loan, singer, feels “extremely courageous” while working on the project. “His smile will never cease to be a part of my life,” she said. She decided to accept the request of her late husband. Some compositions on the album were composed by Chi Tai, such as Little Girl Ao Dai and Where Are You? It was revealed by the female singer that she was the “pink balls” in the song “Ao Dai Girl”. She replied, “I asked him and he said that it was Baby Pig. It was initially hard for me to believe, but it became so plausible that I began to believe it.