Politics of Scrabble

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Is business a game? If so, how do they measure the winners and losers of their business? It’s possible to win if you play a game.

Friday night was a busy night for others. John’s wife Susan and John were already done with dinner and settled in to play Scrabble. John is still raucous because he and Susan play Scrabble. It’s an intense challenge to beat Susan at this game. She is de facto smart.

As a child, Scrabble was a game you loved to play. You felt your vocabulary and writing skills were crucial for winning. And you did win tons of times. Susan taught me that it is not just about the percentage of letters you use. However, it’s how you use the letters. You seem to view the sport, while Susan sees the strategy.

Tendency to enjoy the business

You have a tendency to enjoy the business you are in. Everybody knows what needs to be done. Because of their upbringing, associate degreed have learned a worker mentality. They have a tendency not to become entrepreneurs but to work as employees. They are more likely to enjoy the sport than they are to square measure.

A winning strategy is essential for business. Scrabble is a game that people really enjoy. It’s not how many hours they work that makes America triple-crown. The distinction is in the way they approach the game. They will either have staff or create jobs for them. You have the final say.

Organization Method

The Organization Method, also known as Strategic Monitoring, involves the formulation and execution of significant objectives and initiatives by top management in support of owners. It is based on factoring in resources as well an analysis of the internal as well external environments in which the company competes.

It provides direction for the venture and includes defining the purpose of the organization, creating plans to achieve these goals, and allocating resources to implement those plans. Both academics and practicing managers have developed various frameworks and designs to aid in making critical decisions in complex environments and competing dynamics. The nature of strategic management is fluid. Most versions include a comment loop that tracks execution and informs the next round.

Many businesses are in operation at the moment. You can search the internet for a multitude of results. There are many services available if you look at the offline company. One in ten people is involved with the business. However, only a handful of these individuals end up as a brand and some of them are able to establish themselves within an organization.

Small business and your Business Running

Imagine that you have a small business and your business running smoothly. Then you can grow your company to medium size, and then to large. Without a strategy, your chances of success are less. A company strategy is essential for any business to be successful.

Because it’s more difficult to be there than it was 50 years ago, organization techniques are vital for every company. A business strategy is essential if you are to grow your service.

It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of your day-to-day business operations when you square measure watching it every day. You can easily get overwhelmed by the small details and try to fulfill all the necessary roles to keep the business moving on the path of your vision. It’s difficult to keep track of, but you trust others to do the same work and fulfill those roles as you. It can be difficult to leave.

You have a tendency not to let go of your tasks, which can lead to you losing the goal of starting a business to make less money and earn more. You find yourself tired, depressed, or just plain bored by all the work involved in running a business.

As with running a business. While playing scrabble you feel like you can get help from others. This is why you hire life coaches and mentors. You can use wordcounttool and other tools to determine the words you want from given letter combinations in scrabble.

People who are frustrated for the sake of frustration only give up their associate degrees and return to work. Instead of taking steps to make the business work, your tendency is to give up and give up.

The author discusses a method to change the mindset from associate degree worker to associate degree businessperson in his book, “The E story Revisited”. It is a very simple read with many specific concepts.


What will this mean for Scrabble? There is nothing extraordinary, except that John often loses the strategy. John has only won one instance of the more than thirty times he has fought Susan. It could be because John is stupid. Perhaps. But, Susan won because she used a winning strategy.

John’s strategy may one day be nearly as good as hers. John will win many games in a row in the future. John should continue to work on his strategy. John must develop his strategy to help her win. John must observe, copy, replicate, and even downright imitate what she does, in order to adapt it to his own style.